Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connections

When you create or update a Microsoft Dynamics CRM connection, you can configure additional attributes, such as the connection ID and the connection name.

The following table describes attributes that you can use for Microsoft Dynamics CRM connections:

idConnection ID
orgidOrganization ID.
nameConnection name.
authenticationTypeAuthentication type for the connection. Select a valid authentication type. Use one of the following authentication types:
LIVE. Microsoft Live. Use for synchronization tasks or PowerCenter tasks.
IFD. Internet Facing Development (IFD). Use for synchronization tasks or PowerCenter tasks.
AD. Active Directory. Use for PowerCenter tasks only
usernameMicrosoft Dynamics CRM user name.
passwordMicrosoft Dynamics CRM password.
organizationNameMicrosoft Dynamics CRM organization name.
dominMicrosoft Dynamics CRM domain name.
Required for IFD and Active Directory authetication.
serviceURLURL of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM service.
For Microsoft Live authentication, use the following format:
For IFD authentication, use the following format:
For Active Directory, use the following format:
stsURlMicrosoft Dynamics CRM security token service URL. For example, https://
Required for IFD authentication.
agentidSecure Agent ID
Required for Active Directory authentication only.