Use this resource to obtain a list of privileges that you can use for custom roles.

GET request

You can request a list of the privileges that you are currently licensed to use. Or, you can request a list of all of the privileges, including the privileges that are disabled due to expired licenses.

To request a list of privileges, use the following URI:


To request a complete list of privileges that includes disabled privileges, include a query parameter in the URI as shown in this example:


GET response

If successful, returns the following information for each privilege:

idStringPrivilege ID.
nameStringName of the privilege.
descriptionStringDescription of the privilege.
serviceStringThe Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services service that applies to the privilege.
statusStringStatus of the privilege. Returns one of the following values:
- Enabled. License to use the privilege is valid.
- Disabled. License to use the privilege has expired.
- Unassigned. No license to use this privilege.
- Default. Privilege included by default.

GET response example

If you send a request to get all privileges, you might receive a response similar to the following example:

        "id": "0aoGhY1lAG0iS0PUeLMwoz",
        "name": "changeperm.bservice",
        "description": "",
        "service": "DI",
        "status": "Enabled"
        "id": "0bsvE8I4soacaMt8RHx1yT",
        "name": "update.RULE_SPECIFICATION",
        "description": "update RULE_SPECIFICATION",
        "service": "DQ",
        "status": "Unassigned"
        "id": "0CFJVGBp7Cae8o9EVFakYz",
        "name": "view.RULE_SPECIFICATION",
        "description": "view RULE_SPECIFICATION",
        "service": "DQ",
        "status": "Disabled"