Use this resource to request a list of tasks of a specified type. You can use this resource to retrieve the name and ID for a task.

Do not use this resource to obtain a task ID to run a job. Instead, use the lookup resource. The lookup resource returns the federated task ID which is required to run a task that is not located in the Default folder.
Do not use this resource for a Data Integration mass ingestion task. Instead, use the mass ingestion job resource. For more information, see the Data Integration API.

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GET Request

To request a list of tasks of a specified type, use the task type code in the following URI.


Use the following attribute in the URI:

typeYesFor Data Integration, use one of the following codes:
DMASK. Masking task.
DRS. Replication task.
DSS. Synchronization task.
MTT. Mapping task.
PCS. PowerCenter task.

GET Response

If the request is successful, returns the task object for every task of the requested type. Returns the error object if errors occur.
The task object includes the following attributes:

idStringTask ID.
orgIdStringOrganization ID.
nameStringTask name.
createTimeStringTime the task was created.
updateTimeStringLast time the task was updated.
createdByStringUser who created the task.
updatedByStringUser who last updated the task.

GET Example

To view a list of all synchronization tasks, use the following request.