Use the runtimeEnvironment resource to get information about runtime environments for an organization.

To request runtime environment information, use the following URI:


To request the details of a particular runtime environment, you can include the runtime environment ID or name in the URI. Use one of the following URIs:


If you use the runtime environment name in the URI and the runtime environment name includes a space, replace the space with %20. For example:


Get Response

Returns runtime environment information for the requested runtime environment. The runtimeEnvironment object includes the following attributes:

idStringRuntime environment ID.
orgIdStringOrganization ID.
nameStringRuntime environment name.
descriptionStringDescription of the runtime environment.
createTimeDate/timeDate and time the runtime environment was created.
updateTimeDate/timeDate and time that the runtime environment was last updated.
createdByStringUser who created the runtime environment.
updatedByStringUser who last updated the runtime environment.
agentsAgents assigned to the runtime environment. For more information, see the agent resource.
isSharedBooleanIndicates whether the Secure Agent group is shared. Returns one of the following values:
true. The Secure Agent group is shared.
false. The Secure Agent group is not shared.

Get Example

To request the details of a particular runtime environment, you might use the following request:

GET <serverUrl>/api/v2/runtimeEnvironment/00000425000000000004
icSessionId: <icSessionId>

The following text is a sample return in XML:

    "@type": "runtimeEnvironment",
    "id": "00000425000000000004",
    "orgId": "000004",
    "name": "SUT_Agent",
    "createTime": "2016-12-09T12:34:01.000Z",
    "updateTime": "2016-12-09T17:54:00.000Z",
    "createdBy": "[email protected]",
    "updatedBy": "[email protected]",
    "agents": [
        "@type": "agent",
        "id": "00000408000000000002",
        "orgId": "000004",
        "name": "USW1MJ02YNKJ",
        "createTime": "2016-12-09T13:21:57.000Z",
        "updateTime": "2017-01-25T16:37:37.000Z",
        "createdBy": "admin",
        "updatedBy": "admin",
        "active": true,
        "readyToRun": false,
        "platform": "win64",
        "agentHost": "USW1MJ02YNKJ",
        "serverUrl": "",
        "proxyPort": 0,
        "agentVersion": "33.0",
        "upgradeStatus": "NotUpgrading",
        "spiUrl": "",
        "lastUpgraded": "2016-12-27T17:37:51.000Z",
        "packages": [],
        "agentConfigs": [],
        "configUpdateTime": "2017-01-18T13:57:15.000Z"
    "isShared": true