Getting Started With Informatica Cloud REST API

Welcome to Informatica Cloud REST API! The Informatica Cloud REST API allows you to access information from your Informatica Cloud organization. You can perform tasks such as create, update, and delete connections, schedules, mapplets, and task flows.

We are working on the Tutorial and it will be available shortly

How to Test the API's

  1. First Use the Login API for your respected Region.
  2. Once you have Entered your Username and Password. you will receive output Parameters.
  3. Follow the below steps for the output Parameters and go to the "Enter API Response Credentials" Section.

Follow Instructions — input your desired parameters.

  • Copy "baseApiUrl" from your login response.
  • Please copy only the highlighted part of the URL : "use6.dm-us.informaticacloud.com/saas"
  • Paste it in the First input parameter below.
  • Copy the "sessionId":"2gGXqQ04uelcBoqofpnCkL"
  • Paste it in the Second input parameter below.
  • On submit your Parameters will pass on to all require API's.