How to Test the APIs

  1. Choose the Login API for your region.
  2. Enter the username and password.
  3. Click Try It. The output parameters appears. The name of the output parameter is based on the API version that you used to log in.
  • In a version 2 response, the parameter name is serverUrl.
  • In a version 3 response, the parameter name is baseApiUrl.
  1. Copy "serverUrl" or "baseApiUrl" from your login response and modify the URL to include “-dqprofile” in the URL and exclude "https://" and "/saas" from the URL. For example, if the login response is "", modify "" to ""
  2. Go to the "Submit URL Parameter" Section and paste the modified URL.
  3. Click Submit to pass the "serverUrl" or "baseApiUrl" parameter to all the Profiling APIs.

Note: Refresh the page if you cannot see the input box to paste the URL.